In Your Arms

I was trapped and lost in
A latent box by my own drive.
Content and ignorant of the world,
Concealing my fears in the black box.
When darkness had me chained
And solidarity was my only solace,
You appeared in my life
As bright as the morning sky,
And took me by the hand
To a world of everlasting dreams.
It made reality envy the moments when
We were lost in each other’s fantasies.

It wasn’t love at first sight for us.
Unless you count the serendipitous moments when

I saw your back and you saw mine.
It wasn’t love at first sight of us, no.
It was a myriad of little things —
Of stolen glimpses and clouded blushes.

You’re the tranquil assurance
To all my irrational fears
I look at you to ease my mind
I run to you with trouble chasing me,
It never seems to stop.
But you’re like a wizard,
Making trouble dart away.
I yearn for your warm embrace,
During melancholic days,
There’s no place I’d rather be,
Safe in your arms,
Is where I feel at home.
I thank the moon and the stars,
For though I was an unknown wanderer,
They guided me to you.

I asked you what do you wish for
Smirking, you said
A piece of the sky.
Darling, just look into my eyes
And you’ll find a thousand skies
Brimming with galaxies in your love.
When you gaze at me,
The stars bursts into fireworks
When we embrace,
My mind’s pandemonium,
Is lulled by your beating heart.
And when we kiss,
The world stands still,
For a love like yours,
Is worth the wait.


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