An abrupt instant that
Unwittingly altered my life;
I lost you.

Benumbed and disconcerted
I did not shed one tear.

Gazes of condolence
“Be strong.” they said
I was at crossroads.

The lifeless body whizzed by
Did nothing but kiss goodbye

To the wasted days and time
And recall the wonder years
Which were now incomplete
Without you.


Witchy Woman

She rides on her vicious broom
Wandering and casting spells
She learns of the world, subtly
Rising into the abyss of perspicacious vice.

She oozes of  mystic
Is sly like a fox
She lives in a shed
With her nocturnal creatures,
Under her spell

She speaks of evil
Mesmerizing the folks
Excels at camouflaging
Paving her way by tricks

Her motto being “Be evil to live”
She hides in the mist
Dwelling in the darkness
Nowhere to be found