When time has lost its course

Meet me where the mountain ends,
facing the sea of poppies where,

we built our yellow tree house.

I will be lying carefree on the grass,
watching the birds fly,
listening to the leaves fall,
counting the clouds go by,
awaiting your voice whispering my name.

Walk with me till the skies are clear,
for it’ll soon come pouring down,
and wash you away.

Transient Escape

It was a momentary bliss,
I had vanquished my abyss.
I had flown out to the skies,
Wearing my best disguise.
But for how long would I hide?
While they held my freedom denied?

It was but my own ignorance,
Led by my daft innocence,
That I was left unawares,
Of the plight of my affairs.
It was time to take the first step,
And ponder my plan in depth. Continue reading