In Your Arms

I was trapped and lost in
A latent box by my own drive.
Content and ignorant of the world,
Concealing my fears in the black box.
When darkness had me chained
And solidarity was my only solace,
You appeared in my life
As bright as the morning sky,
And took me by the hand
To a world of everlasting dreams.
It made reality envy the moments when
We were lost in each other’s fantasies.

It wasn’t love at first sight for us.
Unless you count the serendipitous moments when

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Dot in the Universe

I apologise
for the universe is
against me.

I’m the only hope
that’s unattainable.
I’m the scarlet umbrella
unused in that drought.
I’m the awkward silence
bound to ebb the conversation.
I’m the terrible ending
to that adored book.
I’m all the things
you do not want.
I’m all the things
you don’t need.
I’m all the things
that you aren’t.

I apologise,
for the universe
is against me.
I have tried endlessly
to be the sound of waves
that calms you so
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The Casually Empowered

You walked out of my life with an air of indifference.
You tried to intimidate me with your puerile menaces,
So I chose the latter alternative, I left.
Inferring, you’re no divinity.
I won’t abide by your rules.
I live by my own convictions.
You’re not my maestro.
I’m not your marionette.

Mirrored Mirage

I sense you have bipolar disorder.
How I long to console you.
These covetous desires never resolve.
My dear, I’m not a savage.
I’m a sheer veracious resonance.
I am locked. You are my key.

You are a reality check ―
Of who I am. Judging a book by its cover.
I don’t expect anything. You expect more.
Why can’t you be complacent?
Still, how can you be narcissistic?
I am confuzzled how your dimension works.
You are nothing but my mime manifestation.



I’d like to be a sailor,
Swinging by the sea.

Beneath the silver moon
Chasing the brightest star.

Listening to the crashing waves,
Rippling at the surface.

Free as a bird,
Embracing the fresh breeze.

This glistening symphonic sea,
I’d never ever leave.

To dwell on dreams.

Dreams be,
Encouragement for expectations.

As for I,
I wanted to paint the Earth in picturesque colors,
The chameleons – I adored.
The glitter and the stars,
Oh, how I gazed them glow!
Astronomy and technology,
Lightly related at the seams.
Designing the world with my thoughts,
Life’s still going on walks.