Dot in the Universe

I apologise
for the universe is
against me.

I’m the only hope
that’s unattainable.
I’m the scarlet umbrella
unused in that drought.
I’m the awkward silence
bound to ebb the conversation.
I’m the terrible ending
to that adored book.
I’m all the things
you do not want.
I’m all the things
you don’t need.
I’m all the things
that you aren’t.

I apologise,
for the universe
is against me.
I have tried endlessly
to be the sound of waves
that calms you so
and failed notoriously.
I have broken down
the wall only to
build it back again.

I apologise
for the universe
is against me for
I have found love.
I have caught the
butterflies in my stomach
and let them free.
I had never felt a feeling
so sincere in
this wretched world.
It’s the flicker of light
in the deepest sorrows.
It is the aegis to
my brittle heart.

I apologise
for the universe
is against me for
you have found me
and I have found
all the rights
to my wrongs.

I apologise
for the universe
is against me for
the asteroids are
tearing me apart.
There is a pang of truth
in every word spoken
that throbs my aching heart.

There’s a black hole in my heart
that’s seeping from the seams.
It yearns to devour me whole
and succumb to nix.
It sings to me a pacifying lullaby,
beckoning me into infinite slumber.
After all I’m
a mere dot in the universe
as vast as your kind heart.
I’m not as brave as
everyone assumes I am.
I’m not the girl who
has everything figured out.
I am the dandelion
wilting away,
or at least I was
until you came along
and carried me away.
I am ready,
like never before
to show the universe
that I’m not made of
sweet dreams and rain drops
nor am I made of
hurricanes and tsunamis.
I am made of everything that
everybody has given me,
or maybe otherwise. 

I apologise
for the universe
is against me
but it’s about time
the queen conquers
and rules her kingdom
back from the ashes.

Back In Time

Sometimes I wish
We could go back
To the first few months
Since we’ve met, when I,
I wasn’t madly in love with you,
And whatever you said or did,

Did not hurt me.

Fortunately, that is the case.
You make my heart flutter.
Unfortunately, that is the case.
You shatter my heart.

I ask of you only one thing,
I beg of you,
Do not make me wait.
I don’t have such patience.
For I can wait an eternity of
Rage and then move on
With a sorrowful heart.

Lost stars will pave your way.

Once in a blue moon, you’ll encounter the shadow of terror so haunting it’s drawn parallel to the denouement of 2001 Space Odyssey. You’ll be dazed and confused. You’ll be devoid of emotions altogether. You’ll be the trapped in an unknown world, walking on glassy skies and a thunderstorm would shatter your realm and tumble every piece down. You’ll find yourself lost in an abyss. In that moment, take refuge in the lost stars, they’ll be your solace. Continue reading


It appears to be her monotone routine. Walking along her coveted path but a diversion hounds her to take a detour. Of all the diversions that could deflect her from her route, it had to be expectations that changes the course for her. Like aiming headshot at the target, being ignorant as the ricocheting bullet flies right back at you. Running away is all she has done. In the long run, it feels like she’s been dreaming the entire time. Her subconsciousness is lying on the field of green grass gazing at the shimmering stars, pondering the absence of the moon forevermore. It doesn’t occur to her that she’s been lost all this time and there’s no moon in daydreams. It’s time that world awakes. It’s time she stops running away and faces her obstacles head on. Funny, this black cloud of thoughts lingers on top of your head before the commencement of the New Year.

Brevity Situation


You stumble upon a random letter on the path. You read it. It affects you deeply, and you wish it could be returned to the person to which it’s addressed. Write a story about this encounter.

Today’s twist: Approach this post in as few words as possible.

I have never been unable to see the footpath as I walk. I used to wonder how people can walk and not watch their steps. I was walking on the footpath of the garden like always. But was taken aback by the a letter I found while I was. Of course, I could just ignore the letter in a brown envelope but, why would I? So I opened the letter.

“Have a good walk. :)”

Serially Lost


Write about a loss: something (or someone) that was part of your life, and isn’t any more.

I can’t bring myself to write about the colossal damage my life experienced at the moment.

I lost my eraser.
I don’t fucking know when.
Eraser, why can’t you just stay with me?